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Meaning of MOLDERING

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  becoming rotten; "a field covered with thousands of decomposing bodies"; "John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave"; "rotting animal flesh is attractive to vultures"

MOLDERING is a 9 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: decomposing, mouldering, rotten, rotting



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ablative, at rest, biodegradable, blasted, blighted, blown, calm, cloistered, cool, corrosive, crumbling, decomposable, decomposing, degradable, despoiled, dilapidated, disintegrable, disintegrated, disintegrating, disintegrative, disjunctive, disruptive, dusty, dwindling, ebbing, erosive, even-tenored, flyblown, frowsty, frowsy, frowzy, fusty, gone to seed, halcyon, hushed, impassive, isolated, maggoty, mildewed, moldy, moss-grown, moth-eaten, musty, pacific, peaceable, peaceful, placid, quiescent, quiet, ravaged, reposeful, reposing, resolvent, restful, resting, ruined, ruinous, rusty, secluded, separative, sequestered, sequestrated, sheltered, smooth, smutted, smutty, solvent, stale, still, still as death, stillish, stilly, stoic, stolid, subsiding, time-scarred, timeworn, tranquil, unagitated, undisturbed, unmoved, unperturbed, unruffled, unstirring, untroubled, waning, weevily, worm-eaten, wormy, worn