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Meaning of MISSILE

Pronunciation:  'misul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  rocket carrying passengers or instruments or a warhead
  2. [n]  a weapon that is thrown or projected

MISSILE is a 7 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: projectile
 See Also: air-to-air missile, air-to-ground missile, air-to-surface missile, arm, arrow, ballistic missile, boomerang, bullet, cannon ball, cannonball, dart, guided missile, heat-seeking missile, nose, pellet, rocket, round shot, seeker, shot, sidewinder, slug, spitball, throw stick, throwing stick, weapon, weapon system



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Mis"sile\, a. [L. missils, fr. mittere, missum, to
    cause to go, to send, to throw; cf. Lith. mesti to throw: cf.
    F. missile. Cf. {Admit}, {Dismiss}, {Mass} the religious
    service, {Message}, {Mission}.]
    Capable of being thrown; adapted for hurling or to be
    projected from the hand, or from any instrument or rngine, so
    as to strike an object at a distance.
          We bend the bow, or wing the missile dart. --Pope.
  2. \Mis"sile\, n. [L. missile.]
    A weapon thrown or projected or intended to be projcted, as a
    lance, an arrow, or a bullet.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are attacked by a missile, represents feelings of helplessness and forces beyond your control. Alternatively, missile may indicate insecurities about sex.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: AA target rocket, ABM, anchor rocket, antiaircraft rocket, antiradar rocket, ASM, Asp, Asroc, Atlas, Atlas-Agena, Atlas-Centaur, atomic warhead, atom-rocket, ATS, ball, ballistic, barrage rocket, bat bomb, bird, bola, bolt, boomerang, brickbat, Bullpup, Cajun, chemical rocket, Corporal, Corvus, countermissile, Crossbow, Dart, Deacon, Delta, demolition rocket, Diamant, discus, Dove, ejecta, ejectamenta, ejective, Falcon, fin-stabilized rocket, Firebee, fireworks rocket, flare rocket, flying tank, Genie, guided missile, Hawk, high-altitude rocket, Holy Moses, homing rocket, Hound Dog, ICBM, incendiary rocket, ion rocket, Irish confetti, jaculatory, Jupiter, Lacrosse, Lark, line-throwing rocket, liquid-fuel rocket, Loki, Loon, Mace, Matador, Navaho, Nike, Nike Ajax, nuclear warhead, payload, Pershing, Petrel, Polaris, Poseidon, projectile, Quail, quoit, Ram, ram rocket, Rascal, Redeye, Redstone, Regulus I, retro-float light, retro-rocket, rock, rocket, rockoon, Saturn, Scout, Sentinel, Sergeant, Shillelagh, Sidewinder, signal rocket, Skybolt, skyrocket, SLAM, smoke rocket, snake, Snark, solid-fuel rocket, space rocket, Spaerobee, Sparrow, spinner, spin-stabilized rocket, stone, Subroc, Super Talos, supersonic rocket, Talos, Tartar, Terrier, thermonuclear warhead, Thor, Thor Able Star, Thor-Agena, Thor-Delta, throw stick, throwing-stick, Tiny Tim, Titan, torpedo, trajectile, trajectory missile, transoceanic rocket, V-2, vernier, vernier rocket, Viking, WAC-Corporal, waddy, Wagtail, war rocket, warhead, window rocket, Zuni