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Meaning of INSECT

Pronunciation:  'insekt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  small air-breathing arthropod
  2. [n]  has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect

INSECT is a 6 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: dirt ball, louse, worm
 See Also: air sac, ala, arthropod, Arthropoda, beetle, bird louse, biting louse, bug, clypeus, collembolan, defoliator, dictyopterous insect, dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, disagreeable person, earwig, ephemerid, ephemeropteran, flea, gallfly, hemipteran, hemipteron, hemipterous insect, heteropterous insect, homopteran, homopterous insect, hymenopter, hymenopteran, hymenopteron, hymenopterous insect, imago, leaf miner, leafminer, lepidopteran, lepidopteron, lepidopterous insect, louse, mecopteran, mentum, neuropteran, neuropteron, neuropterous insect, odonate, orthopteran, orthopteron, orthopterous insect, phasmid, phasmid insect, phylum Arthropoda, plecopteran, pollinator, proturan, psocopterous insect, pupa, queen, springtail, stone fly, stonefly, sucking louse, swarm, telsontail, termite, thorax, thysanopter, thysanopteron, thysanopterous insect, thysanuran insect, thysanuron, trichopteran, trichopteron, trichopterous insect, two-winged insects, unpleasant person, web spinner, white ant, wing, worker



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \In"sect\, n. [F. insecte, L. insectum, fr. insectus, p.
    p. of insecare to cut in. See {Section}. The name was
    originally given to certain small animals, whose bodies
    appear cut in, or almost divided. Cf. {Entomology}.]
    1. (Zo["o]l.) One of the Insecta; esp., one of the Hexapoda.
       See {Insecta}.
    Note: The hexapod insects pass through three stages during
          their growth, viz., the larva, pupa, and imago or
          adult, but in some of the orders the larva differs
          little from the imago, except in lacking wings, and the
          active pupa is very much like the larva, except in
          having rudiments of wings. In the higher orders, the
          larva is usually a grub, maggot, or caterpillar,
          totally unlike the adult, while the pupa is very
          different from both larva and imago and is inactive,
          taking no food.
    2. (Zo["o]l.) Any air-breathing arthropod, as a spider or
    3. (Zo["o]l.) Any small crustacean. In a wider sense, the
       word is often loosely applied to various small
    4. Fig.: Any small, trivial, or contemptible person or thing.
    {Insect powder},a powder used for the extermination of
       insects; esp., the powdered flowers of certain species of
       {Pyrethrum}, a genus now merged in {Chrysanthemum}. Called
       also {Persian powder}.
  2. \In"sect\, a.
    1. Of or pertaining to an insect or insects.
    2. Like an insect; small; mean; ephemeral.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing insects in your dream means minor obstacles that you must overcome. There are small problems and annoyances that need to be dealt with. Something or someone may be "bugging" or "pestering" you. Alternatively, insects are also said to be symbolic of precision, alertness, and sensitivity. You may need to organize your thoughts and sort out your values. Sometimes they are seen as divine messengers.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: An animal of class Insecta (or Hexapoda) of subphylum Uniramia of phylum Arthropoda. Generally, they have three segments to the body (head, thorax, and abdomen) with one pair of antennae attached to the first segment (the head) and three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings attached to the middle segment (the thorax). They are mostly terrestrial (though there are species which live in freshwater environments and in saltwater marshes). Note: centipedes, millipedes, spiders, and mites are not insects (though they are arthropods).
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: animal, ant, aphid, aphis, arachnid, arthropod, assassin bug, beast, bedbug, bee, beetle, bluebottle, borer, bug, butterfly, caddis fly, caterpillar, centipede, chafer, chigoe, chilopod, Chilopoda, Chordata, cicada, cicala, cockchafer, cockroach, crane fly, cricket, cucumber flea beetle, cur, curculio, daddy longlegs, damselfly, deer fly, diplopod, dobson fly, dog, dragonfly, drosophila, dung beetle, earwig, Echiuroidea, Ectoprocta, Entoprocta, ephemerid, firefly, flea, fly, gadfly, glowworm, gnat, grain weevil, grasshopper, harvestman, hexapod, hornet, hound, hyena, jigger, katydid, kissing bug, lacewing, lady beetle, ladybird, ladybug, lantern fly, larva, Lepisma, locust, louse, maggot, mantis, mayfly, mealworm, midge, millepede, miller, millipede, mite, mole cricket, mongrel, Monoplacophora, mosquito, moth, Nemertinea, nymph, Phoronidea, pig, polecat, reptile, rice weevil, roach, scarab, scorpion, serpent, silverfish, skunk, snake, spider, springtail, squash bug, stag beetle, stinkbug, stone fly, swine, syrphus fly, tarantula, termite, tick, tiger moth, tsetse fly, tumblebug, varmint, vermin, viper, walkingstick, wasp, water bug, weevil, whelp, wood tick, worm, yellow jacket