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Meaning of HEREAFTER

Pronunciation:  heer'aftur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the time yet to come
  2. [n]  life after death
  3. [adv]  following this in time or order or place; after this; "hereafter you will no longer receive an allowance"
  4. [adv]  in a future life or state; "hope to win salvation hereafter"
  5. [adv]  in a subsequent part of this document or statement or matter etc.; "the landlord demises unto the tenant the premises hereinafter called the demised premises"; "the terms specified hereunder"

HEREAFTER is a 9 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: afterlife, future, futurity, hereinafter, hereunder, time to come
 Antonyms: past, past times, yesteryear, yore
 See Also: by-and-by, immortality, life, lifespan, lifetime, millennium, offing, time, tomorrow



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Here*aft"er\, adv. [AS. h[=e]r[ae]fter.]
    In time to come; in some future time or state.
          Hereafter he from war shall come.        --Dryden.
  2. \Here*aft"er\, n.
    A future existence or state.
       'Tis Heaven itself that points out an hereafter.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a better place, afterlife, afterworld, approaching, coming, desired, destinal, destined, destiny, determined, emergent, eternal home, eventual, extrapolated, fatal, fate, fated, fatidic, forthcoming, from here in, from now on, from then on, from this point, future, future state, futuristic, Heaven, henceforth, henceforward, henceforwards, hereinafter, home, hoped-for, imminent, later, life after death, life to come, nearing, next world, otherworld, Paradise, planned, plotted, postexistence, predicted, probable, projected, prophesied, prospective, the beyond, the good hereafter, the grave, the great beyond, the great hereafter, the hereafter, the unknown, thence, thenceforth, thenceforward, thenceforwards, thereafter, to come, to-be, ultimate, what bodes, what is fated, world to come