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Meaning of FORCING

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\For"cing\, n.
1. The accomplishing of any purpose violently, precipitately,
   prematurely, or with unusual expedition.

2. (Gardening) The art of raising plants, flowers, and fruits
   at an earlier season than the natural one, as in a hitbed
   or by the use of artificial heat.

{Forcing} {bed or pit}, a plant bed having an under layer of
   fermenting manure, the fermentation yielding bottom heat
   for forcing plants; a hotbed.

{Forcing engine}, a fire engine.

{Forcing fit} (Mech.), a tight fit, as of one part into a
   hole in another part, which makes it necessary to use
   considerable force in putting the two parts together.

{Forcing house}, a greenhouse for the forcing of plants,
   fruit trees, etc.

{Forcing machine}, a powerful press for putting together or
   separating two parts that are fitted tightly one into
   another, as for forcing a crank on a shaft, or for drawing
   off a car wheel from the axle.

{Forcing pump}. See {Force pump}
   (b) .