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Meaning of ELLIPSOID

Pronunciation:  i'lipsoyd

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a surface whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles; "the Earth is an ellipsoid"
  2. [adj]  in the form of an ellipse

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 Synonyms: ellipsoidal, non-circular, rounded, spheroidal
 See Also: plane figure, two-dimensional figure



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \El*lip"soid\, n. [Ellipse + -oid: cf. F. ellipsoide.]
    A solid, all plane sections of which are ellipses or circles.
    See {Conoid}, n., 2
    (a) .
    Note: The ellipsoid has three principal plane sections, a, b,
          and c, each at right angles to the other two, and each
          dividing the solid into two equal and symmetrical
          parts. The lines of meeting of these principal sections
          are the axes, or principal diameters of the ellipsoid.
          The point where the three planes meet is the center.
    {Ellipsoid of revolution}, a spheroid; a solid figure
       generated by the revolution of an ellipse about one of its
       axes. It is called a prolate spheroid, or prolatum, when
       the ellipse is revolved about the major axis, and an
       oblate spheroid, or oblatum, when it is revolved about the
       minor axis.
  2. \El*lip"soid\, Ellipsoidal \El`lip*soi"dal\, a.
    Pertaining to, or shaped like, an ellipsoid; as, ellipsoid or
    ellipsoidal form.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ball, balloon, bladder, blob, boll, bolus, bubble, bulb, bulbil, bulblet, geoid, globe, globelet, globoid, globule, glomerulus, gob, gobbet, knob, knot, oblate spheroid, orb, orbit, orblet, pellet, prolate spheroid, rondure, sphere, spheroid, spherule