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Meaning of EASEL

Pronunciation:  'eezul

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an upright tripod for displaying something (usually an artist's canvas)

EASEL is a 5 letter word that starts with E.


 See Also: tripod



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ea"sel\, n. [D. ezel ass, donkey, hence, easel, or G.
esel; akin to E. ass. See {Ass}.]
A frame (commonly) of wood serving to hold a canvas upright,
or nearly upright, for the painter's convenience or for

{Easel picture}, {Easel piece}, a painting of moderate size
   such as is made while resting on an easel, as
   distinguished from a painting on a wall or ceiling.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air brush, art paper, brush, camera lucida, camera obscura, canvas, chalk, charcoal, crayon, drawing paper, drawing pencil, drier, fixative, ground, lay figure, maulstick, medium, paint, paintbrush, palette, palette knife, pastel, pencil, pigments, scratchboard, siccative, sketchbook, sketchpad, spatula, spray gun, stump, varnish