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Meaning of DAMNED

Pronunciation:  damd

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  people who are condemned to eternal punishment; "he felt he had visited the realm of the damned"
  2. [adv]  in a damnable manner; "kindly Arthur--so damnably , politely , endlessly persistent!"
  3. [adj]  expletives used informally as intensifiers; "he's a blasted idiot"; "it's a blamed shame"; "a blame cold winter"; "not a blessed dime"; "I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing"; "he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool"; "a deuced idiot"; "tired or his everlasting whimpering"; "an infernal nuisance"
  4. [adj]  (Christianity) in danger of the eternal punishment of hell; "poor damned souls"

DAMNED is a 6 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: blame, blamed, blasted, blessed, cursed, cursedly, curst, damn, damnably, darned, deuced, doomed, everlasting, goddam, goddamn, goddamned, infernal, lost, unredeemed, unsaved
 See Also: people



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Damned\, a.
1. Sentenced to punishment in a future state; condemned;
   consigned to perdition.

2. Hateful; detestable; abominable.

         But, O, what damned minutes tells he o'er Who doats,
         yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves. --Shak.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolute, accursed, awful, awfully, big, blamed, blankety-blank, blasted, bleeding, blessed, blighted, blinding, blinking, blistering, bloody, blooming, complete, condemned, confounded, cursed, cussed, damn, damnable, damned spirits, darn, dashed, demonkind, demons, denizens of hell, doggone, done for, doomed, downright, evil spirits, execrable, extremely, goddamn, goddamned, godless, graceless, greatly, gross, hellish host, host of hell, hugely, infernal, inhabitants of Pandemonium, lost, lost souls, much, out-and-out, outright, perishing, powers of darkness, rank, reprobate, ruddy, shriftless, souls in hell, straight-out, the damned, the lost, unconverted, unmitigated, unredeemed, unregenerate, whacking, whopping