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Meaning of CUT OFF

Pronunciation:  kut of

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  detached by cutting; "cut flowers"; "a severed head"; "an old tale of Anne Bolyn walking the castle walls with her poor cut-off head under her arm"
  2. [v]  cease, stop; "cut the noise"; "We had to cut short the conversation"
  3. [v]  make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages"
  4. [v]  remove surgically; of limbs
  5. [v]  break a small piece off from; "chip the glass"; "chip a tooth"
  6. [v]  remove by or as if by cutting; "cut off the ear"; "lop off the dead branch"
  7. [v]  cut off and stop; "The bicyclist was cut out by the van"
 Synonyms: amputate, break off, break up, chip, chop off, cut, cut, cut out, disrupt, interrupt, knap, lop off, severed
 See Also: abscise, barge in, block, break, break in, break off, break up, burst in on, burst upon, butt in, carve, chime in, chip at, chisel in, come away, come in, come off, cut, cut, cut in, cut off, cut off, detach, discontinue, disrupt, harass, heckle, inject, intercept, interject, intermit, interpose, interrupt, jam, pause, punctuate, put away, put in, remove, stop, stop, stop over, take, take away, take off, take time off, throw in, withdraw



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cut"-off`\ (k[u^]t"[o^]f`; 115), n.
1. That which cuts off or shortens, as a nearer passage or

2. (Mach.)
   (a) The valve gearing or mechanism by which steam is cut
       off from entering the cylinder of a steam engine after
       a definite point in a stroke, so as to allow the
       remainder of the stroke to be made by the expansive
       force of the steam already let in. See {Expansion
       gear}, under {Expansion}.
   (b) Any device for stopping or changing a current, as of
       grain or water in a spout.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abridge, abrupt, abscind, alienate, amputate, annihilate, ax, ban, bar, bar out, bereave, bereave of life, bereaved, bereaved of, bereft, bisect, bleed, block, blockade, bob, break, break off, butcher, carry away, carry off, carve, cast off, cast out, catch, chloroform, chop, cleave, clip, close off, count out, crop, cull, curtail, cut, cut adrift, cut away, cut down, cut in two, cut out, cut short, debar, delete, denuded, depart, deprive, deprive of, deprive of life, deprived of, destroy, dichotomize, disarticulate, disconnect, disendow, disengage, disentitle, disherison, disinherit, disjoin, disjoint, disown, dispatch, displace, dispose of, dispossess, disseise, dissever, dissociate, disunite, divest, divested, divide, divorce, do away with, do for, do to death, dock, drain, ease one of, eject, eliminate, embargo, end, enisle, enucleate, eradicate, estrange, evict, except, excise, exclude, execute, expel, expropriate, exsect, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, finish, finish off, fissure, foreclose, freeze out, gash, get rid of, hack, halve, hew, ignore, immolate, incise, insulate, intermit, interrupt, island, isolate, jigsaw, keep out, kill, knock off, lacking, lance, launch into eternity, lay low, leave, leave out, lighten one of, liquidate, lock out, lop, lynch, make away with, martyr, martyrize, milk, mine, minus, mutilate, nip, omit, ostracize, out of, pare, part, parted from, pass over, peel, pick out, poison, preclude, prohibit, prune, pull away, pull back, pull out, purge, put away, put down, put paid to, put to death, put to sleep, reject, relegate, remove from life, rend, repudiate, rive, robbed of, root out, rule out, sacrifice, saw, scissor, scrag, segregate, send to Coventry, separate, sequester, set apart, set aside, sever, shave, shear, shorn of, shut off, shut out, slash, slaughter, slay, slice, slit, snap the thread, snip, split, stamp out, stand aloof, stand apart, stand aside, starve, step aside, strike off, strip, strip off, stripped of, subtract, sunder, suspend, taboo, take a break, take away from, take from, take life, take off, take out, tap, tear, throw off, throw out, to, truncate, uncouple, unyoke, usurp, wanting, whittle, wipe out, withdraw