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Meaning of CARNATION

Pronunciation:  kâr'neyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a pink or reddish-pink color
  2. [n]  Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers; widely cultivated in many varieties and many colors
  3. [adj]  having the color of a carnation

CARNATION is a 9 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: chromatic, clove pink, Dianthus caryophyllus, gillyflower
 See Also: garden pink, pink, pink



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Car*na"tion\, n. [F. carnation the flesh tints in a
painting, It carnagione, fr. L. carnatio fleshiness, fr.
caro, carnis, flesh. See {Carnal}.]
1. The natural color of flesh; rosy pink.

         Her complexion of the delicate carnation. --Ld.

2. pl. (Paint.) Those parts of a picture in which the human
   body or any part of it is represented in full color; the
   flesh tints.

         The flesh tints in painting are termed carnations.

3. (Bot.) A species of {Dianthus} ({D. Caryophyllus}) or
   pink, having very beautiful flowers of various colors,
   esp. white and usually a rich, spicy scent.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing carnations in your dream, symbolizes light-heartedness, vitality and joy. Alternatively, it may represent bachelorhood.