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Meaning of CALENTURE

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Cal"en*ture\, n. [F. calenture, fr. Sp. calenture
    heat, fever, fr. calentar to heat, fr. p. pr. of L. calere to
    be warm.] (Med.)
    A name formerly given to various fevers occuring in tropics;
    esp. to a form of furious delirium accompanied by fever,
    among sailors, which sometimes led the affected person to
    imagine the sea to be a green field, and to throw himself
    into it.
  2. \Cal"en*ture\, v. i.
    To see as in the delirium of one affected with calenture.
          Hath fed on pageants floating through the air Or
          calentures in depths of limpid flood.    --Wordsworth.