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Meaning of BLUEBELL

Pronunciation:  'bloo`bel

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  perennial of northern hemisphere with slender stems and bell-shaped blue flowers
  2. [n]  one of the most handsome prairie wildflowers laving large erect bell-shaped bluish flowers; of moist places in prairies and fields from eastern Colorado and Nebraska south to New Mexico and Texas
  3. [n]  sometimes placed in genus Scilla

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 Synonyms: Campanula rotundifolia, Eustoma grandiflorum, harebell, Hyacinthoides nonscripta, prairie gentian, Scilla nonscripta, tulip gentian, wild hyacinth, wood hyacinth
 See Also: bellflower, campanula, Eustoma, genus Eustoma, genus Hyacinthoides, Hyacinthoides, liliaceous plant, wild flower, wildflower



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Blue"bell`\, n. (Bot.)
(a) A plant of the genus {Campanula}, especially the
    {Campanula rotundifolia}, which bears blue bell-shaped
    flowers; the harebell.
(b) A plant of the genus {Scilla} ({Scilla nutans}).