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Meaning of BERM

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Berm\ Berme \Berme\, n. [F. berme, of German origin; cf.
G. brame, br["a]me, border, akin to E. brim.]
1. (Fort.) A narrow shelf or path between the bottom of a
   parapet and the ditch.

2. (Engineering) A ledge at the bottom of a bank or cutting,
   to catch earth that may roll down the slope, or to
   strengthen the bank.

Biology Dictionary
  1. A bench or terrace between two slopes [proper usage].
  2. A levee, shelf, ledge, or bench along a stream bank that may extend laterally into the channel to partially obstruct the flow, or parallel to the flow to contain the flow within its stream banks. May be natural or man-made.
  3. Vegetated or paved embankment, somewhat dike-like in appearance, used for enclosure and separation purposes [usage common to landscape architecture].
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alameda, bank, beach, beaten path, beaten track, bicycle path, boardwalk, bridle path, catwalk, coast, coastland, coastline, embankment, esplanade, fastwalk, foot pavement, footpath, footway, foreshore, garden path, groove, hiking trail, ironbound coast, lido, littoral, mall, parade, path, pathway, plage, playa, prado, promenade, public walk, riverside, riviera, rockbound coast, run, runway, rut, sands, sea margin, seabank, seabeach, seaboard, seacliff, seacoast, seashore, seaside, shingle, shore, shoreline, sidewalk, strand, submerged coast, tidewater, towing path, towpath, track, trail, trottoir, walk, walkway, waterfront, waterside