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Meaning of BARRAGE

Pronunciation:  bu'râzh

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target; "they laid down a barrage in front of the advancing troops"; "the shelling went on for hours without pausing"
  2. [n]  the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)
  3. [v]  attack with a barrage; "The speaker was barraged by an angry audience"

BARRAGE is a 7 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: barrage fire, battery, bombardment, onslaught, outpouring, shelling
 See Also: assail, assault, attack, fire, firing, language, lash out, linguistic communication, round, snipe



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Bar"rage\, n. [F., fr. barrer to bar, from barre bar.]
An artificial bar or obstruction placed in a river or water
course to increase the depth of water; as, the barrages of
the Nile.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aim at, antiaircraft barrage, arch dam, backstop, bamboo curtain, bank, bar, barrier, bear-trap dam, beat, beating, beaver dam, blast, blitz, bombard, bombardment, boom, box barrage, breakwater, breastwork, brick wall, broadside, buffer, bulkhead, bulwark, burst, cannon, cannonade, cannonry, cofferdam, commence firing, creeping barrage, dam, defense, dike, ditch, drum, drum music, drumbeat, drumfire, drumming, earthwork, embankment, emergency barrage, enfilade, eruption, fence, fire a volley, fire at, fire upon, flare, flutter, fusillade, gate, gravity dam, groin, hail, hydraulic-fill dam, iron curtain, jam, jetty, leaping weir, levee, logjam, milldam, moat, mole, mortar, mortar barrage, mound, normal barrage, open fire, open up on, outburst, palpitation, paradiddle, parapet, patter, pepper, pitapat, pitter-patter, pop at, portcullis, pound, pounding, pulsation, rake, rampart, rataplan, rat-a-tat, rat-tat, rat-tat-tat, rattattoo, roadblock, rock-fill dam, roll, rub-a-dub, ruff, ruffle, salvo, seawall, shell, shoot, shoot at, shower, shutter dam, snipe, snipe at, spatter, splutter, spray, sputter, staccato, standing barrage, stone wall, storm, strafe, stream, surge, take aim at, tat-tat, tattoo, throb, throbbing, thrum, thumping, tom-tom, tornado, torpedo, volley, wall, weir, wicket dam, work, zero in on