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Meaning of AUTO

Pronunciation:  'otow

WordNet Dictionary

AUTO is a 4 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: automobile, car, machine, motorcar
 See Also: accelerator, accelerator pedal, air bag, ambulance, auto accessory, automobile engine, automobile horn, automobile trunk, automotive vehicle, beach waggon, beach wagon, bonnet, boot, buffer, bumper, bus, cab, car door, car horn, car mirror, car seat, car window, compact, compact car, convertible, coupe, cruiser, door, electric, electric automobile, electric car, fender, first, first gear, floorboard, gas, gas pedal, gasoline engine, glove compartment, grille, gun, hack, hardtop, hatchback, heap, high, high gear, hood, hooter, horn, horseless carriage, hot rod, hot-rod, jalopy, jeep, landrover, limo, limousine, loaner, low, low gear, luggage compartment, minicar, minivan, Model T, motor horn, motor vehicle, pace car, patrol car, police car, police cruiser, prowl car, race car, racer, racing car, radiator grille, rear window, reverse, roadster, roof, runabout, running board, S.U.V., sedan, sport car, sport utility, sport utility vehicle, sports car, squad car, Stanley Steamer, station waggon, station wagon, taxi, taxicab, throttle, trunk, two-seater, waggon, wagon, wing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Au"to-\ [Gr. ? self.]
    A combining form, with the meaning of self, one's self, one's
    own, itself, its own.
  2. \Au"to-\
    An abbrev. of automobile, used as a prefix with the meaning
    of self-moving, self-propelling; as, an autocar, an
    autocarriage, an autotruck, etc., an automobile car,
    carriage, truck, etc.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accelerator, alternator, ammeter, autocar, automobile, bearings, boat, bonnet, boot, brake, bucket seat, buggy, bumper, bus, camshaft, car, carburetor, charioteer, chassis, choke, clutch, connecting rod, convertible top, cowl, crank, crankcase, crankshaft, crate, cutout, cylinder, cylinder head, dash, dashboard, differential, distributor, exhaust, exhaust pipe, fan, fender, flywheel, gear, gearbox, gearshift, generator, headlight, headrest, heap, hood, horn, ignition, intake, jalopy, machine, manifold, motor, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorized vehicle, muffler, parking light, PCV valve, pilot, piston, power brakes, power steering, radiator, rear-view mirror, ride, seat belt, shock absorber, spark plug, speedometer, springs, starter, steering wheel, tool, top, transmission, tub, universal, valve, voiture, wheel, wheels, windscreen, windshield, wreck