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Meaning of ARMOR

Pronunciation:  'ârmur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant
  2. [n]  protective covering made of metal and used in combat
  3. [n]  a military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles
  4. [v]  equip with armor

ARMOR is a 5 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: armour, armour, armour, armour
 See Also: body armor, body armour, buckler, cataphract, coat of mail, equip, fit, fit out, force, military force, military group, military unit, outfit, protection, protective cover, protective covering, protective covering, shield, suit of armor, suit of armour



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ar"mor\, n. [OE. armure, fr. F. armure, OF. armeure, fr.
L. armatura. See {Armature}.] [Spelt also {armour}.]
1. Defensive arms for the body; any clothing or covering worn
   to protect one's person in battle.

Note: In English statues, armor is used for the whole
      apparatus of war, including offensive as well as
      defensive arms. The statues of armor directed what arms
      every man should provide.

2. Steel or iron covering, whether of ships or forts,
   protecting them from the fire of artillery.

{Coat armor}, the escutcheon of a person or family, with its
   several charges and other furniture, as mantling, crest,
   supporters, motto, etc.

{Submarine}, a water-tight dress or covering for a diver. See
   under {Submarine}.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: When you dream that you are wearing an armour, it means that you are looking for ways to defend yourself when you feel threatened. It also means that you might be feeling some animosity towards you and you might come under attack, but you will be ready for the hostilities.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aegis, armament, armature, armor plate, bard, beaver, body armor, brassard, breastplate, buckler, bulletproof vest, callosity, callousness, callus, chain armor, chain mail, chitin, cloak, coat of mail, coif, corselet, cortex, cover, cuirass, elytron, episperm, flintiness, formidable defenses, gas mask, gauntlet, guard, habergeon, hard heart, hard shell, hardenedness, hardheartedness, hardness, hardness of heart, harness, hauberk, headpiece, heart of stone, helm, helmet, imperviousness, induration, insensitiveness, insensitivity, inuredness, jamb, lorica, lorication, mail, mantle, nasal, needles, obduracy, obdurateness, panoply, pericarp, Philistinism, plate, plate armor, protection, protective covering, rhinoceros hide, rondel, safeguard, screen, scute, scutum, security, shell, shelter, shield, shroud, spines, stoniness, suit of armor, test, testa, thick skin, veil, visor, ward