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Meaning of ANAL

Pronunciation:  'eynl

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  (psychoanalysis) a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region; fixation at this stage is said to result in orderliness, meanness, stubbornness, compulsiveness, etc.
  2. [adj]  of or related to the anus; "anal thermometer"

ANAL is a 4 letter word that starts with A.


 Antonyms: oral



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\A"nal\, a. [From {Anus}.] (Anat.)
Pertaining to, or situated near, the anus; as, the anal fin
or glands.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Having to do with the anus, which is the posterior opening of the large bowel.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abdominal, accordant, appendical, bourgeois, cardiac, cecal, colic, colonic, compulsive, concordant, conformist, conventional, coronary, corresponding, dinky, duodenal, enteric, formalistic, gastric, harmonious, ileac, in accord, in keeping, in line, in step, intestinal, jejunal, kosher, mesogastric, neat, orthodox, pedantic, plastic, precisianistic, pyloric, rectal, shipshape, sleek, slick, smart, snug, splanchnic, spruce, square, straight, stuffy, tidy, tight, traditionalist, trig, trim, uptight, visceral, well-cared-for, well-groomed