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Meaning of AFFLUX

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Af"flux`\, n. [L. affluxum, p. p. of affluere: cf. F.
afflux. See {Affluence}.]
A flowing towards; that which flows to; as, an afflux of
blood to the head.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: access, accession, advance, advent, affluence, affluxion, approach, approaching, appropinquation, approximation, appulse, coming, coming near, coming toward, concourse, confluence, conflux, course, crosscurrent, current, defluxion, downflow, downpour, drift, driftage, flow, flowing, flowing toward, fluency, flux, forthcoming, gush, imminence, indraft, indrawing, inflooding, inflow, influx, influxion, inpour, inrun, inrush, mill run, millrace, nearing, nearness, oncoming, onrush, onward course, outflow, proximation, race, run, rush, set, spate, stream, surge, tide, trend, undercurrent, undertow, water flow