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Meaning of ABDUCTOR

Pronunciation:  ab'duktur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a muscle that draws a part away from the median line
  2. [n]  someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)

ABDUCTOR is a 8 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: abductor muscle, kidnapper, snatcher
 See Also: captor, capturer, criminal, crimp, crimper, crook, felon, malefactor, musculus abductor digiti minimi manus, musculus abductor digiti minimi pedis, musculus abductor hallucis, musculus abductor pollicis, outlaw, seizer, shanghaier, skeletal muscle



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ab*duc"tor\, n. [NL.]
1. One who abducts.

2. (Anat.) A muscle which serves to draw a part out, or form
   the median line of the body; as, the abductor oculi, which
   draws the eye outward.

 Definition: a muscle that moves a part of the body away from the midline of the body.