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Meaning of STING

Pronunciation:  sting

Matching Terms:  sting ray, stingaree, stingaree-bush, stingbull, stinger, stingfish, stingily, stinginess, stinging, stinging hair, stinging nettle, stingless, stingo, stingray, stingtail, stingy, stink, stink bell, stink bomb, stink fly, stink out, stink up, stinkard, stinkball, stinkbird, stinker, stinkhorn, stinkiness, stinking, stinking bean trefoil, stinking cedar, stinking chamomile, stinking clover, stinking elder, stinking gladwyn, stinking goosefoot, stinking hellebore, stinking horehound, stinking iris, stinking mayweed, stinking nightshade, stinking smut, stinking wattle, stinking weed, stinking yew, stinkingly, stinkpot, stinkstone, stinkweed, stinkwood, stinky, stinky squid, stint, stintance, stintedness, stinter, stinting, stintless

Computing Dictionary

A parallel dialect of scheme intended to serve as a high-level operating system for symbolic programming languages. first-class threads and processors and customisable scheduling policies.

E-mail: <suresh@research.nj.dec.com>.

["A Customizable Substrate for Concurrent Languages", S. Jagannathan et al, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 1992].