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Meaning of STATE

Pronunciation:  steyt

Matching Terms:  stat, stat mi, statable, statal, statant, statant(ip), statarian, statarianly, statary, state attorney, state bank, state boundary, state capital, state capitalism, state change, state department, state diagram, state government, state highway, state line, state machine, state of affairs, state of bahrain, state of eritrea, state of grace, state of israel, state of katar, state of kuwait, state of matter, state of mind, state of nature, state of qatar, state of the art, state of the vatican city, state of war, state prison, state senator, state socialism, state supreme court, state tax lien, state transition diagram, state treasurer, state trooper, state university of new york, state-controlled, statecraft, stated, statedly, stateful, statehood, statehouse, stateless, stateless person, statelily, stateliness, stately, stately home, statement, statemonger, staten island, state-of-the-art, stateprison, stater, stateroom, state's attorney, state's evidence, states general, states' rights, states' rights democratic party, states-general, statesman, statesmanlike, statesmanly, statesmanship, state-supported, stateswoman, statewide, stathmograph, static, static database management system, static dbms, static electricity, static line, static link, static magnet, static nested scope, static nested scoping, static ram, static random access memory, static scope, static tube, statically, statice, statics, statim, statin, statin drug, stating, station, station agent, station house, station keeper, station management, station waggon, station wagon, stational, stationariness, stationary, stationary phase, stationary stochastic process, stationary wave, stationer, stationery, stationery seller, stationmaster, stations of the cross, statism, statist, statistic, statistical, statistical analysis, statistical analysis system, statistical commission, statistical distribution, statistical mechanics, statistical method, statistical package for the social sciences, statistical table, statistical time division multiplexing, statistically, statistically significant, statistician, statistics, statistology, stative, statmux, statoblast, statocracy, stator, stator coil, statua, statuary, statue, statue maker, statue of liberty, statued, statueless, statuelike, statuesque, statuesquely, statuette, statuminate, stature, statured, status, status asthmaticus, status epilepticus, status in quo, status offenders, status quo, status seeking, statutable, statutably, statute, statute book, statute law, statute mile, statute of frauds, statute of limitations, statute title, statute(p), statutorily, statutory, statutory construction, statutory law, statutory offence, statutory offense, statutory rape, statutory research

Computing Dictionary

How something is; its configuration, attributes, condition, or information content. The state of a system is usually temporary (i.e. it changes with time) and volatile (i.e. it will be lost or reset to some initial state if the system is switched off).

A state may be considered to be a point in some space of all possible states. A simple example is a light, which is either on or off. A complex example is the electrical activation in a human brain while solving a problem.

In computing and related fields, states, as in the light example, are often modelled as being discrete (rather than continuous) and the transition from one state to another is considered to be instantaneous. Another (related) property of a system is the number of possible states it may exhibit. This may be finite or infinite. A common model for a system with a finite number of discrete state is a finite state machine.

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