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Meaning of SPEED

Pronunciation:  speed

Matching Terms:  speece, speech, speech act, speech application programming interface, speech communication, speech community, speech day, speech defect, speech disorder, speech intelligibility, speech organ, speech pathologist, speech pattern, speech perception, speech processor, speech production, speech recognition, speech recognition application program interface, speech rhythm, speech sound, speech spectrum, speech synthesis, speech therapist, speech therapy, speech-endowed, speechful, speechification, speechifier, speechify, speechifying, speeching, speech-language pathologist, speechless, speechlessly, speechlessness, speechmaker, speechmaking, speechwriter, speed bump, speed cop, speed counter, speed demon, speed freak, speed indicator, speed limit, speed of light, speed skate, speed trap, speed up, speedboat, speedcoding, speedcoding 3, speeded up, speeder, speedex, speedful, speedfully, speedily, speediness, speeding, speeding ticket, speedless, speedometer, speed-reading, speedup, speedway, speedwell, speedy, speedy trial act, speer, speet

Computing Dictionary

Early system on LGP-30. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).