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Meaning of SPECIAL

Pronunciation:  'speshul

Matching Terms:  special act, special agent, special aquatic sites, special assessment, special branch, special contract, special court-martial, special delivery, special drawing rights, special education, special effect, special effects, special forces, special interest, special interest group, special jury, special olympics, special pleading, special relativity, special relativity theory, special session, special theory of relativity, special verdict, special weapons and tactics squad, special weapons and tactics team, special(a), special-case, specialisation, specialise, specialised, specialiser, specialism, specialist, specialist(a), specialistic, speciality, specialization, specialize, specialized, specialized pastoralism, specialized species, specialized trait, specializer, specially, specialness, specialty, specialty store, speciate, speciation

Computing Dictionary

A SRI specification language.

["SPECIAL - A Specification and Assertion Language", L. Robinson et al, TR CSL-46, SRI, Jan 1987].