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Meaning of SLEEP

Pronunciation:  sleep

Matching Terms:  slee, sleek, sleek down, sleek over, sleekly, sleekness, sleeky, sleep apnea, sleep apnea syndrome, sleep disorder, sleep in, sleep late, sleep off, sleep out, sleep over, sleep talking, sleep terror disorder, sleep with, sleep-at-noon, sleep-charged, sleeper, sleeper goby, sleepers, sleepful, sleepily, sleepiness, sleeping, sleeping around, sleeping bag, sleeping beauty, sleeping capsule, sleeping car, sleeping draught, sleeping hibiscus, sleeping partner, sleeping pill, sleeping room, sleeping sickness, sleeping tablet, sleeping(a), sleepish, sleep-learning, sleepless, sleepless person, sleeplessly, sleeplessness, sleepmarken, sleepwaker, sleepwaking, sleepwalk, sleepwalker, sleepwalking, sleepy, sleepy dick, sleepy sickness, sleepy-eyed, sleepyhead, sleepyheaded, sleer, sleet, sleetch, sleetiness, sleety, sleeve, sleeved, sleevefish, sleevehand, sleeveless

Computing Dictionary

1. (Or "block") When a process on a multitasking system asks the scheduler to deactivate it until some given external event (e.g. an interrupt or a specified time delay) occurs.

The alternative is to poll or "busy wait" for the event but this uses processing power.

Also used in the phrase "sleep on" (or "block on") some external event, meaning to wait for it.

E.g. the unix command of the same name which pauses the current process for a given number of seconds.

2. To go into partial deactivation to save power.

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