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Meaning of RELATION

Pronunciation:  ri'leyshun

Matching Terms:  relation back, relation to, relational, relational adjective, relational algebra, relational calculus, relational data model, relational database, relational database management system, relational dbms, relational language, relational model, relationist, relations, relationship, relationships

Computing Dictionary

1. A subset of the product of two sets, R : A x B. If (a, b) is an element of R then we write a R b, meaning a is related to b by R. A relation may be: reflexive (a R a), symmetric (a R b => b R a), transitive (a R b & b R c => a R c), antisymmetric (a R b & b R a => a = b) or total (a R b or b R a).

See equivalence relation, partial ordering, pre-order, total ordering.

2. A table in a relational database.