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Meaning of PIE

Pronunciation:  pI

Computing Dictionary

A language from cmu similar to actus.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: afghani, anna, baht, baklava, blintz, breeze, cent, centavo, centime, chocolate eclair, cinch, conto, cream puff, Danish pastry, Deutschmark, dollar, dong, dowdy, easy target, easy thing, eclair, florin, franc, French pastry, guilder, gulden, kip, kopeck, krona, krone, lira, Mark, milreis, pandowdy, pastry, pasty, patisserie, patty, patty-shell, peseta, picnic, piece of cake, piece of eight, pipe, pistareen, pound, puff, pushover, quiche, rand, Reichsmark, rial, rosette, ruble, rupee, setup, shekel, shilling, sinecure, sitting duck, snap, sol, sou, stiver, strudel, tart, timbale, tipsy cake, trifle, turnover, velvet, vol-au-vent, won, yen