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Meaning of JOVIAL

Pronunciation:  'jowveeul

Matching Terms:  jovialist, joviality, jovially, jovialness, jovialty, jovian, jovian planet

Computing Dictionary

(Jule's Own Version of IAL) A version of ial produced by Jules I. Schwartz in 1959-1960. JOVIAL was based on algol 58, with extensions for large scale real-time programming. It saw extensive use by the US Air Force. The data elements were items, entries (records) and tables.

Versions include JOVIAL I (ibm 709, 1960), JOVIAL II (ibm 7090, 1961) and JOVIAL 3 (1965). Dialects: j3, jovial j73, js, jts.

Ada/Jovial Newsletter, Dale Lange +1 (513) 255-4472.

[CACM 6(12):721, Dec 1960].

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affable, amiable, bantering, blithe, blithesome, boon, buxom, chaffing, convivial, facetious, festal, festive, free and easy, frivolous, gala, gay, genial, gladsome, gleeful, good-natured, hail-fellow-well-met, hearty, hilarious, humorous, jocose, jocular, jocund, jolly, jollying, joshing, joyful, joyous, laughter-loving, lighthearted, merry, merrymaking, mirthful, mirth-loving, on the loose, rejoicing, risible, sociable