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Meaning of TOWER

Pronunciation:  'towur

Matching Terms:  towel, towel bar, towel horse, towel rack, towel rail, towel ring, toweling, towelling, tower block, tower cress, tower mustard, tower of babel, tower of london, tower of strength, tower of the furnaces, tower technology corporation, towered, towering, towers, towery

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a tower in your dream means high hopes and aspirations. If you are looking down from a tower, then it suggests your perceived superiority over others. Your ego may also be inflated. Seeing a water tower in your dream, suggests that you are keeping your emotions inside. You may be unable to express your feelings, especially feelings of love. Alternatively, it indicates a false sense of security. Dreaming that you are climbing a tower indicates you quest for spirituality and unconscious ideas that may be surfacing.