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Meaning of STRAW

Pronunciation:  stro

Matching Terms:  strabism, strabismometer, strabismus, strabotomy, strachey, strachey, christopher, strad, stradavarius, straddle, straddling, stradivari, stradivarius, stradometrical, strafe, straggle, straggler, straggling, stragglingly, straggly, stragulum, straight, straight and narrow, straight angle, straight arch, straight arrow, straight chain, straight chair, straight face, straight flush, straight flute, straight leg raise, straight line, straight man, straight off, straight person, straight pin, straight poker, straight razor, straight shooter, straight sinus, straight ticket, straight-arm, straightarrow(a), straightaway, straight-backed, straightedge, straighten, straighten out, straighten up, straightener, straight-fluted drill, straightforth, straightforward, straightforwardly, straightforwardness, straighthorn, straightjacket, straight-joint, straightlaced, straight-lined, straightly, straightness, straight-out, straight-pight, straight-spoken, straightway, straightways, straik, strain, strain at, strain gauge, strainable, strainably, strained, strainer, strainer vine, straining, straint, strait, strait and narrow, strait of calais, strait of dover, strait of georgia, strait of gibraltar, strait of hormuz, strait of magellan, strait of messina, strait of ormuz, straiten, straitened, strait-handed, straitjacket, strait-jacket, straitlaced, strait-laced, straitly, straitness, straits, strait-waistcoat, strake, strale, stram, stramash, stramazoun, stramineous, stramonium, stramony, strand, strand wolf, strand88, stranded, strang, strange, strange particle, strange quark, strangely, strangely enough, strangeness, stranger, strangle, strangle hold, strangleable, strangled, stranglehold, strangler, strangler fig, strangler tree, strangles, strangling, strangulate, strangulated, strangulation, strangurious, strangury, strany, strap, strap fern, strap hinge, straphanger, strapless, straplike, strappado, strapper, strapping, strapple, strap-shaped, strapwork, strasbourg, strass, strassburg, strata, stratagem, stratagemical, stratarithmetry, strategetic, strategetics, strategian, strategic, strategic arms limitation talks, strategic buyout, strategic intelligence, strategic warning, strategical, strategically, strategics, strategist, strategus, strategy, stratford-on-avon, stratford-upon-avon, strath, strathspey, straticulate, stratification, stratified, stratified language, stratified random sampling, stratified sample, stratified sampling, stratified society, stratified systematic sampling, stratiform, stratify, stratigraphic, stratigraphic levels, stratigraphy, strato-cirrus, stratocracy, strato-cumulus, stratographic, stratography, stratonic, stratosphere, stratotic, stratum, stratum basale, stratum corneum, stratum germinativum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, stratus, stratus cloud, straught, strauss, strauss the elder, strauss the younger, stravinskian, stravinsky, stravinskyan, straw boss, straw foxglove, straw hat, straw man, straw mushroom, straw poll, straw vote, straw wine, strawberry, strawberry blite, strawberry bush, strawberry daiquiri, strawberry geranium, strawberry guava, strawberry haemangioma, strawberry hemangioma, strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, strawberry mark, strawberry pigweed, strawberry preserves, strawberry saxifrage, strawberry shrub, strawberry tomato, strawberry tree, strawberry-shrub family, strawboard, straw-colored, straw-cutter, strawed, strawflower, strawman, strawworm, strawy, stray, strayer, straying

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or using a straw in your dream indicates that you may have been taking some things for granted. Pay more attention to the people around you. You will find that you will build stronger and more meaningful bounds with them. Dreaming that you are buying straws, suggests that you are trying to buy your way into a situation or relationship.