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Meaning of SQUARE

Pronunciation:  skwehr

Matching Terms:  square and rabbet, square away, square block, square bracket, square dance, square dancer, square dancing, square deal, square foot, square inch, square knot, square matrix, square meal, square measure, square meter, square metre, square mile, square nut, square off, square root, square sail, square shooter, square tape, square toes, square up, square yard, square(a), square(p), square-bashing, square-built, squared, square-dance music, squared-toe, squareflipper square flipper, square-headed boyfriend, square-headed girlfriend, squarely, squareness, squarer, square-rigged, square-rigger, square-shouldered, squaretail, square-toed, square-toes, squarish, squark, squarrose, squarroso-dentate, squarrous, squarrulose

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a square in your dream indicates your need for more stability. It may also represent strength and solidity. Alternatively, you may be feeling limited in wanting to express yourself.