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Meaning of RADIO

Pronunciation:  'reydee`ow

Matching Terms:  radial, radial artery, radial asymmetry, radial engine, radial keratotomy, radial nerve, radial pulse, radial symmetry, radial tire, radial vein, radiale, radially, radially symmetrical, radial-ply, radial-ply tire, radian, radiance, radiancy, radiant, radiant energy, radiant engine, radiant flux, radiant heating, radiantly, radiary, radiata, radiate, radiated, radiately, radi-ate-veined, radiatiform, radiating(a), radiation, radiation colitis, radiation diagram, radiation fibrosis, radiation field, radiation hybrid, radiation oncologist, radiation oncology, radiation pattern, radiation physicist, radiation pressure, radiation pyrometer, radiation sickness, radiation surgery, radiation syndrome, radiation therapist, radiation therapy, radiative, radiator, radiator cap, radiator grille, radiator hose, radical, radical cystectomy, radical hysterectomy, radical mastectomy, radical nephrectomy, radical prostatectomy, radical retropubic prostatectomy, radical sign, radical surgery, radicalism, radicality, radically, radicalness, radicant, radicate, radicated, radication, radicchio, radicel, radiciflorous, radiciform, radicle, radicular, radicule, radiculitis, radiculopathy, radiculose, radii, radiigera, radiigera fuscogleba, radio aerial, radio announcer, radio antenna, radio astronomy, radio beacon, radio beam, radio brightness, radio broadcast, radio chassis, radio compass, radio detection and ranging, radio emission, radio frequency, radio frequency interference, radio interferometer, radio label, radio ligand, radio link, radio news, radio noise, radio observation, radio operator, radio radiation, radio receiver, radio reflector, radio set, radio signal, radio source, radio spectrum, radio station, radio telescope, radio transmitter, radio wave, radio waves, radioactive, radio-active, radioactive dating, radioactive decay, radioactive dust, radioactive iodine, radioactive iodine excretion test, radioactive iodine test, radioactive iodine uptake test, radioactive isotope, radioactive material, radioactive waste, radioactively, radioactivity, radioactivity unit, radioautography, radiobiology, radiocarbon, radiocarbon dating, radiocarpal joint, radiochemist, radiochemistry, radiochlorine, radiocommunication, radioconductor, radio-controlled, radio-controlled aircraft, radio-flagellata, radiofrequency ablation, radio-frequency spectrum, radiogram, radio-gramophone, radiograph, radiographer, radiographic, radiographic anatomy, radiography, radioimmunoassay, radioimmunoguided surgery, radioimmunotherapy, radioisotope, radiolabel, radiolabeled, radiolaria, radiolarian, radioli, radioligand, radiolite, radiolocate, radiolocation, radiologic technologist, radiological, radiologist, radiology, radiolucent, radiolysis, radiometer, radiometric dating, radiometry, radiomicrometer, radionuclide, radionuclide angiography, radionuclide scan, radionuclide scanning, radionuclide ventriculography, radio-opacity, radio-opaque, radiopacity, radiopaque, radiopaque dye, radiophare, radiopharmaceutical, radiopharmaceuticals, radiophone, radiophonic, radio-phonograph, radiophony, radiophoto, radiophotograph, radiophotography, radioprotection, radiopticon, radioscopy, radiosensitive, radiosensitivity, radiosensitization, radiosensitizer, radiosensitizers, radiosity, radiosurgery, radiotelegram, radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphic, radiotelegraphic signal, radiotelegraphy, radiotelephone, radiotelephonic, radiotelephony, radiotherapist, radiotherapy, radiotherapy equipment, radiothorium, radious, radish, radish plant, radium, radium therapy, radius, radius of curvature, radius vector, radix

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are listening to the radio, symbolizes your awareness and intuition toward a particular situation. What you hear through the radio also represents messages from your unconscious. It is possible that it is some for of ESP or telepathic communication. Dreaming that a radio is turned off indicates that you have the ability to help or assist in some situation, but you are refusing to do so.