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Meaning of PHOBIA

Pronunciation:  'fowbeeu

Matching Terms:  phobic, phobic disorder, phobic neurosis

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you have a phobia, suggests that you need to confront your fears. Do not let your fears control your life. Consider the specific phobia for additional clues in interpreting your dreams. For example, if you dream that have a phobia of heights, then it may mean that you your position at the top is a precarious one. You are afraid that you may fall from grace.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abhorrence, abject fear, abomination, accident neurosis, affright, alarm, anathema, antipathy, anxiety hysteria, anxiety neurosis, apprehension, association neurosis, aversion, awe, battle fatigue, blast neurosis, blue funk, combat fatigue, compensation neurosis, compulsion neurosis, consternation, conversion hysteria, conversion neurosis, cowardice, detestation, dislike, dismay, disquiet, distaste, distrust, dread, execration, expectation neurosis, fear, fixation neurosis, fright, fright neurosis, funk, hate, hatred, homosexual neurosis, horrification, horror, hypochondria, hypochondriasis, hysteria, loathing, nervousness, neurosis, neuroticism, obsessional neurosis, occupational neurosis, panic, panic fear, pathoneurosis, peeve, pet peeve, psychasthenia, psychoneurosis, psychoneurotic disorder, psychopathia martialis, qualm, regression neurosis, repugnance, revulsion, scare, shell shock, situational neurosis, stampede, suspicion, terror, unholy dread, war neurosis, worry