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Meaning of INTERNET

Pronunciation:  'inturn`et

Matching Terms:  interne, interneciary, internecine, internecion, internecive, internection, internee, internet access provider, internet adapter, internet address, internet architecture board, internet assigned numbers authority, internet backbone, internet chess server, internet control message protocol, internet corporation for assigned names and number, internet engineering and planning group, internet engineering steering group, internet engineering task force, internet experiment note, internet explorer, internet express, internet go server, internet group management protocol, internet information server, internet inter-orb protocol, internet message access protocol, internet monthly report, internet network information center, internet number, internet open trading protocol, internet protocol, internet protocol control protocol, internet protocol version 4, internet protocol version 6, internet public library, internet registry, internet relay chat, internet research steering group, internet research task force, internet security association and key management p, internet server application programming interface, internet service provider, internet site, internet society, internet telephony, internet telephony service providers, internet worm, internet-draft, internetwork packet exchange, internetworking, interneural, internex on-line

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of the internet means your need to communicate with a larger network of people.