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Meaning of ICICLE

Pronunciation:  'Isikul

Matching Terms:  icicle plant, icicled

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing icicles melting from trees in your dream, symbolizes hope and that your real estate and property problems will slow dissipate. Seeing icicles forming in your dream means problems that will soon manifest themselves.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: berg, calf, cryosphere, Dry Ice, firn, floe, frazil, frozen water, glaciation, glacier, glacieret, glaze, glazed frost, granular snow, ground ice, growler, ice, ice banner, ice barrier, ice belt, ice cave, ice cubes, ice dike, ice field, ice floe, ice foot, ice front, ice island, ice needle, ice pack, ice pinnacle, ice raft, ice sheet, iceberg, icefall, icequake, jokul, lolly, neve, nieve penitente, pack ice, serac, shelf ice, sleet, slob, sludge, snow ice, snowberg