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Meaning of COUSIN

Pronunciation:  'kuzun

Matching Terms:  cousinage, cousin-german, cousinhood, cousinly, cousinry, cousinship

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing your cousin in your dream, represents something or some aspect of your character that is somewhat familiar. Perhaps you need to spend more time in cultivating and developing some emerging ability or character. In particular, if you dream that your cousin is ignoring you indicates that you are not acknowledging some aspect of yourself that is represented by your cousin. Dreaming that you or your sibling is in love with a cousin, represents your acceptance of each other and that you have acknowledge and embraced key qualities in one another.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aunt, auntie, blood brother, brethren, brother, bub, bubba, bud, buddy, country cousin, cousin once removed, cousin twice removed, daughter, father, first cousin, foster brother, frater, grandnephew, grandniece, granduncle, great-aunt, great-uncle, half brother, kid brother, mother, nephew, niece, nuncle, nunks, nunky, second cousin, sis, sissy, sister, sister-german, sistern, son, stepbrother, stepsister, unc, uncle, uncs, uterine brother