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Meaning of CLIMATE

Pronunciation:  'klImit

Matching Terms:  climatal, climatarchic, climatic, climatic year, climatic zone, climatical, climatically, climatize, climatography, climatological, climatologist, climatology, climature

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air, ambiance, ambience, ambient, Antarctic Zone, Arctic Circle, Arctic Zone, atmosphere, aura, calm weather, climate of opinion, clime, cold weather, equator, ethos, fair weather, feel, feeling, forces of nature, Frigid Zones, good weather, halcyon days, horse latitudes, hot weather, ideology, intellectual climate, latitude, longitude, longitude in arc, macroclimate, medium, meridian, microclimate, milieu, mise-en-scene, mood, moral climate, mores, norms, note, overtone, parallel, prime meridian, quality, rainy weather, roaring forties, sense, spirit, spiritual climate, stormy weather, subtropics, surroundings, the elements, the line, tone, Torrid Zone, tropic, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, tropics, undertone, Variable Zones, weather, Weltanschauung, windiness, world view, zone