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Meaning of CHESS

Pronunciation:  ches

Matching Terms:  ches, chesalon, chesapeake bay, chesapeake bay retriever, chese, chesed, cheshire cat, cheshire cheese, chesible, chesil, cheslip, chess club, chess game, chess master, chess match, chess move, chess piece, chess player, chess set, chess-apple, chessboard, chessel, chesses, chessil, chessman, chessom, chesstree, chessy copper, chest, chest cavity, chest founder, chest of drawers, chest pain, chest protector, chest register, chest tone, chest voice, chest wall, chest x ray, chested, chester, chester a. arthur, chester alan arthur, chester nimitz, chester william nimitz, chesterfield, chesterlite, chesterton, chesteyn, chestnut, chestnut blight, chestnut canker, chestnut oak, chestnut tree, chestnut-bark disease, chesty, chesulloth

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or playing chess in your dream indicates that you need to carefully think through the situation before making a decision. The dream may also comment on how you have met your match in love or in business.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: archery, association football, backgammon, badminton, bagatelle, ball, bandy, baseball, basketball, battledore and shuttlecock, beano, billiards, bingo, bowling, bowls, boxing, cat, catch, charades, checkers, climbing, crambo, cricket, croquet, curling, discus, dominoes, draughts, fencing, fishing, fives, football, ghost, gliding, go, golf, handball, hide-and-seek, hiking, hockey, hopscotch, horseshoes, hunting, hurdling, ice hockey, jacks, jackstones, jackstraws, keno, lacrosse, lawn tennis, leapfrog, lotto, luging, marbles, merels, Monopoly, motorcycling, mountaineering, mumble-the-peg, ninepins, pall-mall, pallone, pelota, Ping-Pong, polo, pool, post office, pushball, pyramids, quintain, quoits, racquets, riding, roller skating, rounders, rowing, Rugby, sailing, sailplaning, Scrabble, sculling, shinny, shooting, shot-put, shuffleboard, skating, skeet, skeet shooting, skiing, ski-jumping, skin-diving, skittles, sledding, snooker, snorkel diving, snowmobiling, soccer, softball, sports, squash, stickball, surfing, table tennis, tennis, tenpins, tent pegging, tetherball, ticktacktoe, tiddlywinks, tilting, tipcat, tivoli, tobogganing, trapshooting, tug of war, volleyball, water polo, waterskiing, wrestling