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Meaning of CHAIR

Pronunciation:  chehr

Matching Terms:  chaim azriel weizmann, chaim soutine, chaim weizmann, chain, chain armor, chain armour, chain fern, chain gang, chain isomer, chain letter, chain lightning, chain mail, chain of mountains, chain pickerel, chain pike, chain printer, chain pump, chain reaction, chain reactor, chain saw, chain stitch, chain store, chain tie, chain tongs, chain up, chain wheel, chain wrench, chaine operatoire, chained, chainless, chainlet, chainlike, chainlink fence, chains, chainsaw, chain-smoke, chain-smoker, chainwork, chair car, chair lift, chairlift, chairman, chairman of the board, chairmanship, chairperson, chairwoman, chaise, chaise longue, chait

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a chair in your dream, symbolizes your need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. Dreaming that someone is offering you a chair means that you need to be open to taking and accepting advice.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: administer, administrate, anoint, armchair, armless chair, authority, ax, back seat, banquette, bar stool, barber chair, barrel chair, basket chair, batwing chair, be master, bed chair, beheading, bench, bicycle seat, block, boudoir chair, bow-back chair, bucket seat, burning, camp chair, campaign chair, capital punishment, captain, chair of English, chairman, club chair, club lounge chair, comb-back chair, command, contour chair, convener, cricket, cricket chair, cross, crown, crucifixion, curule chair, dais, death chair, death chamber, decapitation, decollation, defenestration, dining chair, direct, directorship, discipline, draft chair, drop, Eames chair, easy chair, elbowchair, electric chair, electrocution, enthrone, execution, fan-back chair, fauteuil, fellowship, fender stool, folding chair, foldstool, form, fusillade, gallows, gallows-tree, garden chair, garrote, gas chamber, gassing, gibbet, govern, guillotine, halter, hanging, hassock, head, helm, hemlock, hemp, hempen collar, high chair, Hitchcock chair, horse, hot seat, inaugurate, induct, install, instate, invest, judicial murder, ladder-back chair, lapidation, lead, leader, lethal chamber, maiden, manage, milking stool, moderate, moderator, necktie party, noose, occupy the chair, officer, officiate, ottoman, oversee, overstuffed chair, pew, place, place in office, platform rocker, poisoning, position, preceptorship, preside, preside over, presiding officer, professorate, professorhood, professoriate, professorship, put in, readership, regulate, rocker, rocking chair, rope, run, saddle, scaffold, schoolmastery, seat, seat of power, seat of state, sedan chair, settle, shooting, speaker, stake, stand over, step stool, stoning, stool, strangling, strangulation, supervise, swing, taboret, teachership, the ax, the block, the chair, the gallows, the gas chamber, the guillotine, the hot seat, the rope, throne, tree, tutelage, tutorage, tutorship, TV chair, wield authority, woolsack