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Meaning of BUCKET

Pronunciation:  'bukit

Matching Terms:  bucked up(p), bucked(a), bucker, buckeroo, bucket along, bucket seat, bucket shop, bucketful, buckety, buckeye, buckeye state

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of or carry a bucket indicates an improvement in your current situation. If the bucket is filled, then it means abundance, love and wealth. If the bucket is empty, then it means that you will overcome some loss or conflict.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: argosy, bail, bark, barrel, be caught short, be short, belong, boat, bottom, bucketshop, calaboose, can, clink, cooler, craft, cup, decant, deposit margin, dip, dish, dish out, dish up, fly, fork, go long, hasten, highball, hold on, hooker, hoosegow, hulk, hull, hustle, jug, keel, ladle, leviathan, lockup, make a killing, make a scoop, margin up, miss the market, operate, overstay the market, packet, pail, play the market, plunge, pokey, pour, prison, pyramid, run, rush, scalp, scoop, scoop the market, scuttle, ship, shovel, spade, speculate, speed, spoon, stag, stag the market, take a flier, trade on margin, tub, venture, vessel, watercraft, whiz