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Meaning of BELLY

Pronunciation:  'belee

Matching Terms:  bell, bell 103, bell animalcule, bell apple, bell arch, bell bearer, bell book, bell buoy, bell captain, bell communications research, inc, bell cot, bell cote, bell crank, bell curve, bell deck, bell founder, bell foundry, bell gable, bell glass, bell heather, bell jar, bell laboratories, bell labs, bell magpie, bell metal, bell morel, bell pepper, bell process, bell push, bell ringer, bell ringing, bell seat, bell shape, bell system of control, bell tent, bell the cat, bell toad, bell tower, bella sombra, belladonna, belladonna lily, bellarmine, bellarmino, bellbird, bell-bottom, bellbottom trousers, bell-bottomed, bellbottoms, bellboy, bellcore, belle, belle de nuit, belle isle cress, belleau wood, belled, belleek ware, belle-lettrist, bellerophon, belles lettres, belles-lettres, belletristic, bell-faced, bellflower, bellflower family, bellhop, bellibone, bellic, bellicose, bellicosely, bellicous, bellied, belligerence, belligerency, belligerent, belligerently, belling, bellingham, bellini, bellipotent, bellis, bellis perennis, bellman, bell-mouthed, bellon, bellona, bellow, bellower, bellowing, bellows, bellows fish, bellpull, bells and whistles, bells of ireland, bell's palsy, bells, whistles, and gongs, bell-shaped, bell-shaped curve, belluine, bellwether, bellwort, belly dance, belly dancer, belly dancing, belly flop, belly flopper, belly laugh, belly out, belly whop, belly whopper, bellyache, bellyacher, bellyband, bellybound, bellybutton, bellycheat, bellycheer, belly-flop, bellyful, belly-god, bellying, belly-land, bellylaugh, bellyless, belly-pinched

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of your belly indicates that your are processing and integrating your ideas and feelings from the unconscious to the conscious level. The belly symbolically holds repressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. Your dream may also be telling you to trust your gut feeling and intuition. Dreaming of a pregnant belly, represents emotions that are due to come to the surface. They can no longer remain suppressed. Dreaming that you are stroking or touching a belly indicates that you are coming to terms with certain feelings. You are slowly confronting and acknowledging your repressed emotions.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abdomen, abomasum, ascender, back, bag, balloon, bastard type, bay window, beard, bed, bedrock, beerbelly, belly out, bevel, bilge, billow, black letter, body, bottom, bottom side, bouge, breadbasket, breech, bug, bulge, buttocks, cap, capital, case, convexity, counter, craw, crop, cylindricality, descender, diaphragm, dilate, distend, downside, em, embonpoint, en, face, fat-faced type, feet, first stomach, font, fundament, gizzard, globosity, globularity, goggle, groove, gullet, gut, hardpan, honeycomb stomach, italic, kishkes, letter, ligature, logotype, lower case, lower side, lowest layer, lowest level, majuscule, manyplies, maw, midriff, minuscule, nether side, nethermost level, nick, omasum, orbicularity, paunch, pi, pica, point, pooch, pop, pot, potbelly, potgut, pouch, pout, print, psalterium, pusgut, rennet bag, reticulum, rock bottom, roman, rotundity, rotundness, round out, roundness, rumen, sans serif, script, second stomach, shank, shoulder, small cap, small capital, spare tire, sphericality, sphericalness, sphericity, spheroidicity, spheroidity, stamp, stem, stomach, substratum, swagbelly, swell, swell out, third stomach, tummy, tum-tum, type, type body, type class, type lice, typecase, typeface, typefounders, typefoundry, underbelly, underlayer, underneath, underside, upper case, venter, ventripotence