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Meaning of ATTIC

Pronunciation:  'atik, 'atik

Matching Terms:  attic fan, attica, attical, atticism, atticize, atticus, atticus atlas, attiguous, attila, attinge, attire, attired, attirement, attirer, attitude, attitudinal, attitudinarian, attitudinarianism, attitudinise, attitudinize, attitudinizer

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: The attic, being an upper room, shows you have lofty aspirations that you will have much difficulty with, but will win out to your goals after an extended period of time. If the attic is well appointed, and brightly lit, then you will have luck with either love or matrimony. The attic can also represent the mind, and if the attic is chaotic this will be a sign telling you to organize your thoughts for better living.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aesthetic, archives, armory, arsenal, artistic, attic room, bank, basement, bay, bin, biting, bonded warehouse, bookcase, box, brilliant, bunker, buttery, cargo dock, cellar, chaste, chest, choice, Ciceronian, classic, classical, clear, clever, closet, cockloft, common, commonplace, conservatory, crate, crib, cupboard, depository, depot, direct, dock, drawer, droll, dump, easy, elegant, everyday, excellent, exchequer, facetious, finished, funny, garden, garden-variety, garret, glory hole, godown, graceful, gracile, hayloft, hold, homely, homespun, household, humorous, humorsome, hutch, in good taste, jesting, jocose, jocular, joking, joky, joshing, junk room, keen, keen-witted, library, limpid, locker, loft, lucid, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, matter-of-fact, mordant, natural, neat, nimble-witted, nondescript, of choice, of quality, ordinary, pellucid, perspicuous, plain, pleasing, pointed, polished, prosaic, prosy, pungent, pure, pure and simple, quick-witted, quiet, rack, rapier-like, refined, repertory, repository, reservoir, restrained, rick, round, salt, salty, scintillating, sharp, shelf, simple, sky parlor, smart, sparkling, sprightly, stack, stack room, stock room, storage, store, storehouse, storeroom, straightforward, subdued, supply base, supply depot, tank, tasteful, terse, treasure house, treasure room, treasury, trim, unaffected, understated, unlabored, unobtrusive, vat, vault, warehouse, well-chosen, whimsical, wine cellar, witty, workaday, workday