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Meaning of ANNOYED

Pronunciation:  un'oyd

Matching Terms:  annoyer

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: The feeling of being annoyed clearly indicates that something is bothering you in your life, but you can not put your finger on it. You might be having some unknown enemies who are trying to disrupt your life.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aggravated, amplified, angry, anxious, augmented, beset, bothered, browned-off, bugged, burnt-up, chafed, deliberately provoked, distressed, disturbed, embarrassed, embittered, enhanced, enlarged, exacerbated, exasperated, galled, griped, harassed, heated up, heightened, hotted up, huffy, inconvenienced, increased, intensified, irked, irritated, magnified, miffed, nettled, peeved, perturbed, piqued, plagued, provoked, put to it, put-out, puzzled, resentful, riled, roiled, ruffled, sore beset, soured, troubled, vexed, worried, worse, worsened