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Meaning of ALBINO

Pronunciation:  al'bInow

Matching Terms:  albinal, albiness, albinic, albinism, albinistic, albino luciano, albinoism, albinotic

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: An Albino is a positive image, it is a symbol of tolerance, purity and eternity. Maybe it is sign that you are at a stage of your life where you need to incorporate these notions as part of your system of values. Chasing an Albino away from you, or resenting it might indicate that you are overly protective over a person close to you, but in fact, there are no reasonable reasons for you to be afraid for the well-being and happiness of that person.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: achroma, achromasia, achromatosis, albescence, albinal, albinic, albinism, albinistic, albinoism, blondness, canescence, chalkiness, creaminess, fairness, frostiness, glaucescence, glaucousness, grizzliness, hoariness, lactescence, leukoderma, lightness, milkiness, paleness, pearliness, silver, silveriness, snowiness, vitiligo, white, white race, whiteness, whitishness