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Meaning of ADOPTION

Pronunciation:  ud'√Ępshun

Matching Terms:  adoptionist, adoptious

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: If you dream that you are adopting a child, then it means that you are assuming new responsibilities or new tasks. This could indicate that something is missing in your life and keeping you from being happy. If you dream that you are adopted, then it means that the child within you needs to be released more often; shed some of your inhibitions and shyness.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acceptance, acculturation, admission, affiliation, Americanization, appropriation, arrogation, assimilation, assumption, borrowed plumes, circumcision, citizenship by naturalization, citizenship papers, colonization, conquest, conversion, copying, culture shock, derivation, deriving, embracement, embracing, encroachment, enslavement, espousal, imitation, indent, infringement, invasion, mocking, nationalization, naturalization, naturalized citizenship, new birth, new life, occupation, papers, pasticcio, pastiche, pirating, plagiarism, plagiary, playing God, preemption, preoccupation, prepossession, rebirth, redeemedness, redemption, reformation, regeneration, requisition, salvation, second birth, seizure, simulation, spiritual purification, subjugation, takeover, taking, taking over, trespass, trespassing, usurpation