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Meaning of STRIKE OUT

Pronunciation:  strIk awt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  set out on a course of action; "He struck out on his own"
  2. [v]  remove from a list; "Cross the name of the dead person off the list"
  3. [v]  put out or be put out by a strikeout; "Oral struck out three batters to close the inning"
  4. [v]  pitch three strikes and put the batter out; "The pitcher walked two and struck out three"
  5. [v]  be unsuccessful in an endeavor; "The candidate struck out with his health care plan"
 Synonyms: cross off, cross out, mark, strike off
 See Also: begin, commence, deliver, fail, fail, fan, get, go wrong, miscarry, neglect, pitch, set about, set out, start, start out, take away, take out, whiff