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Pronunciation:  pree'emununs

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  high status importance owing to marked superiority; "a scholar of great eminence"

PREEMINENCE is a 11 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: distinction, eminence, note
 See Also: high status



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Pre*["e]m"i*nence\, n. [F. pr['e]['e]minence, L.
praeeminentia. See {Pre["e]minent}.]
The quality or state of being pre["e]minent; superiority in
prominence or in excellence; distinction above others in
quality, rank, etc.; rarely, in a bad sense, superiority or
notoriety in evil; as, pre["e]minence in honor.

      The pre["e]minence of Christianity to any other
      religious scheme.                        --Addison.

      Painful pre["e]minence! yourself to view Above life's
      weakness, and its comforts too.          --Pope.

      Beneath the forehead's walled pre["e]minence. --Lowell.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accent, accomplishment, ascendance, ascendancy, balance of power, concern, concernment, consequence, consequentiality, consideration, deanship, distinction, dominance, dominancy, domination, dominion, eminent domain, emphasis, excellence, exquisiteness, favor, greatness, high order, high rank, illustriousness, import, importance, incomparability, inimitability, interest, kudos, lead, magnificence, majority, mark, marvelousness, masterdom, matchlessness, materiality, merit, moment, note, one-upmanship, overlordship, paramountcy, peerlessness, precedence, predominance, predominancy, predomination, preponderance, preponderancy, prepotence, prepotency, prerogative, prestige, primacy, principality, priority, privilege, prominence, renown, right-of-way, self-importance, seniority, significance, skill, sovereignty, splendidness, splendiferousness, stress, success, superbness, supereminence, superexcellence, superfineness, superiority, supremacy, suzerainship, suzerainty, transcendence, transcendency, unsurpassedness, upper hand, value, virtuosity, weight, whip hand, worth