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Pronunciation:  `purspu'kyooitee

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous

PERSPICUITY is a 11 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: perspicuousness, plainness
 See Also: clarity, clearness, limpidity, lucidity, pellucidity



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Per`spi*cu"i*ty\, n. [L. perspicuitas: cf. F.
1. The quality or state of being transparent or translucent.
   [Obs.] --Sir T. Browne.

2. The quality of being perspicuous to the understanding;
   clearness of expression or thought.

3. Sagacity; perspicacity.

Syn: Clearness; perspicuousness; plainness; distinctness;
     lucidity; transparency. See {Clearness}.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acuity, acumen, acuteness, apparentness, apperception, appropriateness, astuteness, Atticism, chasteness, chastity, clarity, classicalism, classicism, clear sight, clear-cutness, clearness, cogency, coherence, color vision, comeliness, cone vision, connectedness, consistency, correctness, crystal-clearness, crystallinity, day vision, daylight vision, definition, dignity, directness, discernment, discrimination, distinction, distinctness, ease, elegance, elegancy, evidence, evidentness, explicitness, eye, eye-mindedness, eyesight, farseeingness, farsight, farsightedness, felicitousness, felicity, field of view, field of vision, finish, fittingness, flow, flowing periods, fluency, foresight, foresightedness, good taste, grace, gracefulness, gracility, horizon, incisiveness, insight, intelligibility, keen sight, ken, limpidity, longheadedness, longsightedness, lucidity, manifestness, naturalness, neatness, night vision, obviousness, openness, openness to sight, overtness, palpability, patentness, pellucidity, penetration, perception, perceptiveness, percipience, peripheral field, peripheral vision, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, perspicuousness, photopia, plain English, plain speech, plain style, plainness, polish, power of sight, propriety, providence, purity, purview, quick sight, range, refinement, restraint, rod vision, sagaciousness, sagacity, scope, scotopia, seeing, seemliness, sense of sight, sensibility, sight, sightedness, simplicity, smoothness, straightforwardness, structure, sweep, tangibility, taste, tastefulness, terseness, transparency, transpicuity, trenchancy, twilight vision, unadorned style, unaffectedness, unambiguousness, unequivocalness, unmistakableness, unobstructed vision, unquestionability, visibility, vision, visual acuity, visual field, visual sense