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Meaning of MANILLA

Pronunciation:  mu'nilu

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e.g. Manila hemp

MANILLA is a 7 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: manila, manila paper, manilla paper
 See Also: paper



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ma*nil"la\, n. [Sp. manilla; cf. It. maniglio,
    maniglia; F. manille; Pg. manilha; all fr. L. manus hand, and
    formed after the analogy of L. monile, pl. monilia, necklace:
    cf. F. manille.]
    1. A ring worn upon the arm or leg as an ornament, especially
       among the tribes of Africa.
    2. A piece of copper of the shape of a horseshoe, used as
       money by certain tribes of the west coast of Africa.
  2. \Ma*nil"la\, a.
    Same as {Manila}.