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Pronunciation:  'letur`pres

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  printing from a plate with raised characters

LETTERPRESS is a 11 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: relief printing
 See Also: printing, printing process



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Let"ter*press`\ (-t[~e]r*pr[e^]s`), n.
Print; letters and words impressed on paper or other material
by types; -- often used of the reading matter in distinction
from the illustrations.

      Letterpress printing, printing directly from type, in
      distinction from printing from plates.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advance sheets, advertising matter, albertype, book printing, chromotypography, chromotypy, chromoxylography, collotype, color printing, electronography, electrostatic printing, graphic arts, gravure, halftone engraving, history of printing, impress, impression, imprint, job printing, letterpress photoengraving, line engraving, lithography, lithogravure, lithophotogravure, mackle, mimeograph, offcut, offprint, offset, offset lithography, onset, palaeotypography, photochemical process, photoengraving, photogelatin process, photographic reproduction, photography, photolithography, photo-offset, phototypography, phototypy, photozincography, planographic printing, planography, print, printed matter, printing, printmaking, publication, publishing, reading matter, reissue, relief printing, reprint, rotary photogravure, rotogravure, setoff, sheetwork, stamp, stencil, text, three-color printing, two-color printing, typography, typolithography, wood-block printing, xerography, xeroprinting, xylotypography, zincography