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Meaning of LATENESS

Pronunciation:  l'eytnus

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  quality of coming late or later in time

LATENESS is a 8 letter word that starts with L.


 Antonyms: earliness
 See Also: posteriority, subsequence, subsequentness, timing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Late"ness\, n.
The state, condition, or quality, of being late; as, the
lateness of his arrival; the lateness of the hour; the
lateness of the season.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: afterlife, anachronism, antedating, anticipation, brand-newness, callowness, dewiness, earliness, following, freshness, future time, gloss of novelty, greenness, hangover, historical error, immaturity, impropriety, inappropriateness, inauspiciousness, inconvenience, inexpedience, infelicity, inopportuneness, inopportunity, intactness, intempestivity, interruption, intrusion, irrelevance, maidenhood, metachronism, mint condition, misdate, misdating, mistiming, newbornness, newfangledness, newfangleness, newness, next life, novelness, novelty, nowness, originality, parachronism, postdate, postdating, posteriority, prematurity, presentness, pristineness, prochronism, prolepsis, provenience, rawness, recency, recentness, remainder, sequence, strangeness, subsequence, succession, supervenience, supervention, tardiness, uncommonness, unfamiliarity, unfavorableness, unfitness, unfittingness, unfortunateness, unpropitiousness, unpunctuality, unripeness, unseasonableness, unsuitability, untimeliness, unusualness, virginity, wrongness